Technology is at its best when it allows you to finally do something you've always wanted to but couldn't because there was no way to do it. We're fortunate that our technology does just that.

In the early days, we saw the potential for Dorsavi to help physios treat people with lower back pain but as we went on opportunities in other clinical specialties and in completely different arenas such as sport and the workplace presented themselves. It's an exciting prospect to see so much potential for your product but it's also sobering to consider the complexities of each market and all the different players who can either make or break your success.

Even with the backing of our experienced board and investors, the task of prioritising the potential of all the opportunities before us with our small team was impossible. We had so many questions to answer and so much happening on the development front.

That's where Cogentum came in to provide dedicated attention to the key questions we needed to answer about our potential markets, users and all those who would influence market adoption. Importantly they were also able to bring the benefit of their broad network to connect us with other industry specialists who could help to fast track our entry into the diverse clinical, sport and workplace markets.

Daniel Ronchi