To reliably and definitively diagnose prostate cancer is a complex challenge. It's a task that has been taken up by clinicians and researchers around the world, each offering unique, diverse technologies. It nonetheless remains an area of significant unmet need with new tests still only providing incremental benefits.

For Minomic to succeed our technology must be clearly positioned to address the concerns of urological oncologists. It must be well accepted by the patient. It must be economically accessible to all patient groups. It must also help to reduce the cost of care for patients suspected of having, or who have, prostate cancer. Finally, it must make a clear positive difference to the decision-making ability of both the doctor and the patient at critical times in the diagnostic and treatment pathway.

We have found the benefits of working with Cogentum have added a whole extra dimension of understanding to help address not only our commercial plans but also direct our clinical activity. We have worked collaboratively with Cogentum to engage KOLs and have accessed opinion and feedback from almost 200 urologists and urological oncologists in the US to now put Minomic on a very solid path to market.

Dr Brad Walsh
Minomic International Ltd