LBT Innovations

At LBT Innovations our innovation process is our point of difference. We have a market-driven technology and product development focus. We make time to test our ideas before investing in them. We then develop our technology for the delight and satisfaction of our target market.

In an industry besotted with technology, it is refreshing to work with Cogentum as part of our market-oriented innovation team. Their insights about the global market place from the perspective of both users and decision-makers were integral in shaping the design of our most recent breakthrough innovation, APAS (our Automated Plate Assessment System) for fully automation microbiology culture plate screening after incubation.

The confirmation of our product design proposals through considered market research conducted by Cogentum gave confidence to both the innovation team and our Board of directors. Now that we are on the road to commercialisation, these studies have provided confidence for our investors and commercialisation partners.

For a small Australian company, we are having real impact on the global laboratory automation scene.

Lusia Guthrie
CEO & Managing Director
LBT Innovations Ltd