Qualitative versus Quantitative Market Research

We're solution agnostic when it comes to choosing research methodology. For us it's always dependent on so many factors, starting with the decisions you'll be making based on the findings and the level of risk you're facing.

We'll always start with a detailed plan of why you need to do this work, who will use the results and which questions you feel you need answered urgently. We're always keen to know what research you've done before and what hypotheses you've formed by working in the business. And then there are practical issues such as how quickly you need the answers and the budget you have available. We'll then design the project to ensure your priorities are met so that you can be as confident as possible in the decisions you take.

Identify, Explore, Understand

If you've never done any customer research, qualitative methods give you a great opportunity to explore issues, test ideas, observe reactions and even get quite deep and meaningful. The output is always rich with detail, emotion and subtle sub context.

It will give you a great feel for the topics, it will reveal the universe of issues that apply and it will give us the basis for writing the most appropraite survey questionnaire. But it won't give you the benefit of statistical representation or validity.

We use a variety of face to face and other discussion techniques depending on the respondent and the level of access that is possible. We'll always invite you and your team to observe when we can – it adds a whole other dimension to understanding your customers.

  • Qualitative


  • In- Depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Affinity Groups
  • Observation
  • On Line Discussion Groups
  • Idea Generation Workshops


Measure, Define, Confirm

Quantitative methods by their nature mean we try to build a representative sample and bring a level of statistical validity to confirm the findings of the qualitative research. We might also pull out the big guns of statistical analysis to give you a really clear picture of your market segments, their decision making process and the likely demand levels for your product.

Most importantly, gathering the insights is just the first step in the process. We like to continue working with you to integrate these findings into your planning process. We promise this won't be another research report that gathers dust on your shelves!

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  • Quantitative


  • In Home Product Trials
  • Product Testing
  • User Experience Studies
  • On Line Surveys
  • Market Segmentation
  • Perceptual Brand Mapping
  • Customer Choice Analysis