Positioning & Branding

Clearly articulating the product's position in the market and supporting it with branding cues that connect with the target market is essential to successful market entry. And while it takes a lot of creative skill to portray these in our marketing communications, the underlying messages we're trying to communicated need to be based on well considered insight.

Positioning and branding strategy are fundamental aspects of a marketing plan that bring together the product or service's reason for being and its differential competitive advantage. These strategies are underpinned by insights of both the competitors in the market and the customer market segments that need to be targeted.

Competitive Analysis & More

There's lots of great secondary data than can be easily accessed via major market research providers. While this can give you a good feel for market size and even market share, it can't tell you what customers and users think and feel about your product or service. It also can't it tell you how your product or service stacks up by comparison to competitors products.

Cogentum tests the market's perceptions of competitive products to highlight their strengths, weaknesses and latest strategies. More importantly, we can assess how your existing product or even your new product idea is perceived in comparison and how it will perform in the marketplace.

Market Segmentation & Targeting

Market segmentation is based on the premise that you can't be all things to all people. So your product is probably not for everyone. The real skill is in identifying who your true customer is and focussing all your resources in engaging them. The better you can understand not just what they do but how they think and feel, the better you can position your product to meet their needs. Cogentum understands the nuances of your target market is a powerful tool to ensure that not only your product hits the mark but also that your investment in communications pays off.