Local or Global Reach

Most of the time we work with Australian companies who have markets in Australia and who are also trying to break into overseas markets. The rest of the time we're helping overseas companies trying to get established in Australia. Whether the research is done in Australia, the US or UK, we work with you to plan the project and its outcomes and we personally do all the interviews, develop the surveys, undertake the statistical analysis and report on the insights.

We have excellent partners around the world who facilitate access for us to the right respondents in the country of our choice, provide translation services if required and generally support us on the ground.

Going Global

Many of our clients are looking to the big US market and trying to understand the potential of their product. The Us is ofetn seen to be a similar market to Australia but time and time again it proves to be both culturally and politically very different. Not to mention the different regulatory requirements, different health systems, retail channels and so on.

And then there's Europe, with a myriad of different languages, cultures and requirements. Cogentum has excellent reach into most Western counties and where we can't personally assist you, we usually know someone who can.

Coming to Australia

Working internationally we are well aware of the importance of understanding cultural differences and their effect on marketing strategy. This is just as important when bringing products into Australia as it is when Australia is exporting. Our experience with Japanese clients has provided wonderful examples of the differences in the ways we live and how we deal with everyday issues.

Be warned: Australians are just as individual and quirky when it comes to how they take up new products and ideas.

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