Working With Us

Our Approach

In keeping with our mantra of putting the customer first we always tailor our service offerings to suit your needs. We don't have a one size fits all solution to your problems or a rigid way of offering our services.

Instead we take time to understand what you're trying to achieve, the challenges and risks you're facing and then plan the way forward. This might mean we design a discrete project that we can deliver independently or it may mean we join your team for a period of time. We love to collaborate, challenge and push the boundaries to ensure we achieve the best result possible.

Outsourced Expertise

We find that a project model works best when our specialised skills, like developing a marketing plan or doing customer research are required. We can scope and quote the project for an all-inclusive fee so there are no surprises along the way.

If the project is difficult to scope or likely to involve a number steps like a product launch, we can always work on a monthly retainer based model with clear deliverables along the way.

We will work seamlessly with your management, other outsourced specialists or a virtual team, either as a collaborator or leader of a project team. It comes down to what will work best for you.

Inside your Team

Sometimes the most effective way to work is alongside others inside your organisation. Especially when involved in multidisciplinary projects that rely on close collaboration and faultless execution for their success. We can provide the management expertise to guide the team and the project or simply play our part as a team member.

Interim Executive

Once in a while we're called upon to provide interim leadership for an organisation undergoing major change. Taking guidance from the board of directors, we can provide either a stabilising force to keep the business on track or bring about the fundamental changes necessary for sustainable growth.