Accelerating Profitable Growth

Growth. Every company wants it, every investor expects it and every management team is held accountable for it. But growth can be elusive, inconsistent and short lived. On the other hand it can be planned for, invested in and enjoyed well into the future.

It almost always comes down to identifying an important but unsatisfied customer need that you can address profitably and in some way better than your competitors can. It also comes down to whether you're in touch with where the market is going  in the future and whther you are are able to stay relevant in our ever changing world.

Putting the Customer First

All too often we see growth stalling or new products failing because the company just isn't connecting with the needs of their target market. This can happen for many reasons but especially when companies are so enamoured by their own capabilities that they don't realise the market just doesn't want what they've got.

Cogentum turns this around by firstly getting to know the customer, what they're trying to get done, the problems they have and then what it takes to make them switch. These insights are invaluable to reigniting stagnant revenues streams and kick starting the growth trajectory of new products and services.

Building Profitable Portfolios

Managing the immediate needs of the core business often gets in the way of setting the groundwork for future growth. Our approach to growth strategy allows risk and reward to be balanced across short, medium and long term horizons. It identifies where growth will come from in the future and how it will address corporate objectives and shareholder expectations. It also guides the activities of the innovation and marketing teams tasked with implementing growth initiatives.

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